13 Bulgarian athletes with leading positions in the championship

 The boughts for the KWU Varna World Cup for juniors, girls and cadets, which are held at the Sports and Rehabilitation Complex in Kamchia, were disputed. The participants number nearly 400 karatekas from 27 countries, of which 13 Bulgarian athletes won various awards.

The first gold medal for Bulgaria was won by Gencho Vatev in the 14-15-year-old category. up to 70 kg. He grabbed the honorable first place, and a little later in the same age group, but cat. 70+ kg., Atanas Dimov took third place. The ladies also brought success for Bulgaria in this age group. Alexandra Ivanova won a bronze medal in cat. 60 kg., and Nikol Vateva and Diana Harizanova took second and third place in cat. 60+ kg.

In the 16-17-year-old girls Alexandra Bondokova and Katerina Stoeva won bronze and silver in the category up to 55 kg, and Dilara Fame joined the winners with bronze in the category up to 65 kg. Nikolay Stanchev also won a bronze medal in cat. 75 kg.

Monika Stoyanova took third place for Bulgaria among the 18-21 year olds in cat. up to 60 kg. Rostislav Todorov took 4th place in the 75 kg category. Gold in the women’s category brought Hristiana Dimitrova to cat. 60+ kg. Viktor Kolev was also a great success in the same age group, who won the gold in cat. 85+ kg. The two new world champions of Bulgaria deservedly received the special awards – Hristiana for knockout and Viktor for best technique and also for attractive knockout.

The KWU Varna World Cup was held within the international summer camp of KWU and BKKF, which is currently underway in Kamchia. Special guests and judges of the championship were luminaries in the martial arts, including Shihan Akira Masuda, Shihan Francisco Filho, Shihan Semmy Schilt and many more martial legends who also conduct their own training within the camp.

Another important event starts today – the KWU World Cup for men and women in the open category. It will be held at the same place starting at 10:00. There are 6 registered Bulgarian fighters, and their performance on the mat will become clear at the end of the day.

You can follow all the matches and the full results of the World Cup KWU Varna on the website of the World Kyokushin Union.

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